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Discover What You Need To Know About Your Ideal Clients, How It Can Boost Your Income And Guarantee Your Total Enjoyment Working With Them, Too!

Having Ideal Client Clarity Will Also Pave The Way For You To Expand Your Reach And Transform The World

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Are you really struggling to find and attract your ideal clients?

Sure, you’re working really hard and you’re actually attracting clients but they’re not all ideal, right?

Is this you?

  • You currently attract clients who can’t afford your services. They are VERY interested in hiring you but just can’t afford you right now. (It’s never about the money! Your IDEAL client is always able to afford you!)
  • You clients aren’t quite what you imagined when you dreamed of being a coach. They’re challenging your expertise, your time and your patience. (Guess what?! The clients who challenge you (and not in a good way) or those that fail to respect your time  and constantly get on your last nerve, are NOT your ideal clients!)
  • You clients aren’t exactly coachable — they just aren’t ready to make the investment of time, energy and money into hiring a coach. (You’ve got this one, right?!)

Unfortunately, even if you’re a talented coach (and I know you are!), that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a full practice of IDEAL clients unless you genuinely understand who your ideal clients are, where to find them and how to attract them to you, your coaching services and group programs.

WendyY-13-headshotI’m Wendy Y. Bailey and in June of 2016, I will have been coaching for almost fourteen years. Since 2005, I’ve worked specifically with coaches, speakers, trainers and consultants, helping these mega-talented professionals build thriving coaching businesses.  I’m internationally known for showing coaches how to become experts by creating successful group coaching programs using Neuro-Linguistic Programming; however, my focus these days is inspiring coaching, speaking and training professionals to create bigger, better, bolder, bottom lines.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed building my thriving coaching business filled with amazing ideal clients, coaching programs, live events and more to help my clients succeed. I understand that your awesome training and education as a coach hasn’t prepared you for finding, attracting and enrolling ideal clients into your coaching business. Whether you’re working privately with individual clients or you’re focused on group coaching programs, knowing your ideal client intimately well is a MUST!

I’ve mastered a unique approach and proven that it works every single time! That’s when clarity meets caring and purpose for your coaching clients and you begin to connect your services to support the needs of your clients. That’s also when you begin to make money, easily and effortlessly.


I’m tickled to share my unique approach to getting really clear about who you work with, what you work with them on and how to find and attract them to your coaching programs and services. 

For a limited time, I’m sharing my ideal client clarity secrets with you via…

Boost Your Income with Ideal Client Clarity:

How to Find and Attract Ideal Clients Clamoring to Invest In Your Coaching Programs and Services

You’ll be able to use this step-by-step resource right away so you can:

  • Understand the Power of One to clarify your target audience and pave the way for building a powerful coaching niche. You’ll discover how to attract and serve your ideal clients using this logical approach to your marketing.
  • Connect, attract and enhance the impact of your coaching services by knowing exactly what your ideal client wants and needs. You’ll know how to really help your ideal client with your newfound intuitive, meaningful and effective approach to service.
  • Discover places, spaces and ways to connect with your ideal client so it’s powerful for both of you — for you client because you’ve tapped into an amazing way of serving her — for you because you’re totally in your sweet spot working with clients you adore!

If your goal is to serve your ideal clients by doing what you love, then you need to know your ideal client intimately well. Yep, it’s that important that I say it all of the time.  Why? Well, ultimately, you want to work with ideal clients you love, right?! Anything else makes your work difficult, time-consuming and drains your energy. YUCK!


Boost Your Income with Ideal Client Clarity is a self-paced activity workbook that offers you a real opportunity to get unfuzzy (is that a word?) about your who and what for your ideal client. Follow the guide to create your unique Ideal Client Clarity Marketing Blueprint, telling you EXACTLY where to find and how to attract your ideal clients.

I’m SO ready to help you gain the clarity you want, need and deserve about your ideal client so you can truly boost your coaching income!

Get your download so you can create your Ideal Client Clarity Marketing Blueprint TODAY and start making real money with your MOST Ideal Clients!



Wendy Y. Bailey – Master Busines Coach, CEC, C.NLP
Your Income Acceleration Mentor – Business Beyond Limits

P.S.  – It’s no-cost to you for a limited time so act now to get your copy!