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Dear Coaching Colleague,

Are you tired of struggling to build your group coaching programs? Maybe, you’re even having challenges attracting the right clients to fully benefit from the services you offer. Do you always find yourself wondering how to put all of your delicious brain power into a really robust, compelling and attractive group coaching program filled with your most ideal clients?

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Or have you given up on being a profitable, professional coach with a revenue-generating coaching business filled with ideal clients you absolutely love?

Are you tired, frustrated and just about ready to give up on your coaching business?

Have you been through coach training programs before that left you feeling overwhelmed and financially tapped?

Congratulations! Your results are more typical than you may realize. As coaching professionals, we’ve all gone through these stages at one time or another.

The awesome news is that you don’t have to stay on your current path.

Understand this – your previous strategies for creating, marketing and delivering a profitable group coaching program have not worked very well. That means it’s time to turn things around because who wants THAT?!

reputation HomeYou’re not alone and you need to know how true that is! Just look at this one important trend in the coaching profession: Coaches with 5-25 years of coaching experience will survive only if they have excellent reputations as effective coaches.

Unfortunately, influencing what people say about you isn’t always easy when you’re striving to attract or work with clients that may be less than ideal OR when you’re working to get clear about your gifts without the right know-how or support.  With the rising number of horror stories happening in the coaching world today, it sure doesn’t bode well for you as a coaching professional dedicated to reaching more people with excellence, integrity and impact.

What obstacles are getting in your way of creating, marketing and delivering a profitable group coaching program?

Your Top 3 Obstacles

1. Fear

In order to go where you haven’t gone you must be willing to do something you’ve never done. I’ve heard it said many different ways and you get the gist of it, right? As a coach, you must move beyond your fears to hold Courageous Conversations with your potential clients, ideal learners and prospective group coaching program members. Release your fears so you can engage in powerful coaching conversations that move your ideal clients to freedom in making resourceful decisions and taking right actions in life and business. It’s all about standing confidently in your expertise and creating lasting change for your group learners as well.

2. Content development

Being a great coach doesn’t always translate into knowing how to create compelling and engaging content. Masterful Content is insightful, thought-provoking and riveting to guarantee your group of learners are actively engaged in real learning throughout your entire group coaching program. It’s also entertaining and highly interactive. If you don’t know how to build interaction into your content, your program is doomed to be unattractive, boring and ineffective. Who wants that?!

3. Marketing

Marketing is at the heart of client attraction and retention. If you don’t know how to build a responsive list; how to create genuine visibility around your group coaching program; or how to launch your program and enroll ideal clients, your program won’t generate enough attraction or interest beyond your close friends and associates. You have to know and practice marketing essentials AND a few advanced strategies to become known as an expert — that’s how you fill your group coaching programs. It’s called Marketing Momentum. 

The Origin of the Group Coaching Institute

nlp image HomeWhen I began helping my coaching colleagues create successful group coaching programs more than seven years ago, I was just starting to study Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). I earned my certification with great intention and put it to use right away. For me, learning NLP was an amazing experience both personally and professionally.

I saw the impact understanding neuroscience made on my clients and especially, on my marketing — truly life changing! That’s when I began to integrate NLP into my training programs, making deeper connections, cultivating influence, employing client attraction and practicing persuasive marketing. My group coaching learners were empowered by the teaching and their results were highly favorable.

Group Coaching Mastery, the Certified Group Coach® Program and many other programs were born. Since 2006, the brand has continuously evolved to include many more timeless programs focused on proven principles and measurable results. 

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The Top 10 Group Coaching Success Secrets is the foundation for all of my training programs. I’m giving it away — to you, today! I want you  to know these powerful secrets so you can begin the discovery process right away.

Can I Be Blunt?

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Wendy Y. Bailey
Founder/Lead Trainer

There are entirely too many experienced coaches who simply do not know how to build interactive content that sells their group coaching programs. Paralyzed by fear and what feels like inexperience, you continuously attract the wrong ideal clients. Your group coaching programs don’t sell.  You keep doing the same thing over and over while expecting a totally different result.

That’s the definition of insanity and it’s time for that to stop!

I want to work with you to ensure your group coaching success.  As a mentor coach, I believe in providing access and support to my community of learners. My team is small yet effective and I like it that way.


It allows me to lend my expertise to elevate your coaching abilities and strengths. I get to personally expose you to a whole new depth of coaching transformation. I relate to your experience and guide you successfully beyond fear and through the obstacles you’re facing. Plus, I get excited teaching you a repeatable process for creating sustainable income using group coaching.

How kewl is that?!
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I’m honored to serve my group learners, helping you to move beyond those traditional group models to leverage your time and talent by creating group coaching programs that truly transform your life and business. You get to take decisive action, confidently.
Don’t you love that?!

I certainly do! It’s all about helping you create multiple streams of coaching revenue to sustain your business while creating a life of freedom.

The best part is that you don’t have to do it alone!

I’m sharing my Top 10 Group Coaching Success Secrets to help you get started.

Don’t you want to know the secrets to creating a thriving group coaching business that:

  • Allows you to be creative, inspired and uniquely compelling?
  • Sharpens your ability to target very specific clients and serve them exceptionally well?
  • Teaches you to connect to your group learners, deeply and authentically to create lasting change?
  • Guides you to coach your clients through your programs and serves, skillfully?
  • Helps you grow a thriving coaching practice filled with amazing group coaching programs?
  • Showcases the best of your content each and every time you deliver it?
  • Boosts your bottom line profits via active and passive revenue streams?


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Isn’t it time to figure it out and turn things around in your coaching business…once and for all?

The journey begins here…I’m waiting to serve and support you! How absolutely kewl is that?!


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Wendy Y. Bailey – Master Certified Group Coach, CEC, C.NLP
Lead Trainer/Certifier – Certified Group Coach® Program
Founder – The Group Coaching Institute
Courageous Conversations, Masterful Content and Marketing Momentum

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